Globe-Trotter’s Disney “This Bag Contains Magic” collection

Heritage British luggage maker Globe-Trotter recently unveiled a whimsical new collection created in partnership with Disney, with a colourful campaign conceived and photographed by SHOW.

Disney “This Bag Contains Magic” is a comprehensive collection of signature Globe-Trotter suitcases, handbags and travel accessories inspired by and incorporating Mickey Mouse. Revealed around the Disney icon’s 93rd birthday on 18 November (which commemorates his movie debut in Disney masterpiece Steamboat Willie in 1928), the new collection features classic Mickey Mouse portraits taken from the archive. There are also sartorial nods to Mickey in the single red leather corner on the cases (an ode to his famous red and gold buttoned trousers) and every piece features a leather patch on the inside emblazoned with the words ‘This bag contains magic’.

The photoshoot, which SHOW commissioned photographer Caroline Leeming and set designer Vicky Lees to undertake, features stacks of the new cases against a vibrant pastel-coloured backdrop to showcase the range of colours and styles. This is the latest in a series of seasonal campaigns Globe-Trotter has commissioned SHOW to produce.