Future/Craft at The Royal Exchange

SHOW is delighted to present a trio of 3D illustrated films made to accompany The Royal Exchange’s Future/Craft campaign, which explores creativity, craftsmanship and innovation. SHOW commissioned digital artists XK Studio – Alexa Sirbu and Lukas Vojir – to create the mesmerising moving images, which are inspired by the theme of modern luxury.

The kinetic artworks are composed using visual effects tools and techniques that are typically used in high-end film and TV. In each film, imagery of shapes, textures and materials – synonymous with luxury fashion and interior design – interplay inside a dynamic visual realm, to create an immersive moment of escapism.

SHOW also created a suite of long-form editorial content for the campaign, celebrating the craftsmanship, luxury and technical expertise of the brands that call The Royal Exchange home; and interviewing experts within the worlds of future forecasting, technology and luxury retail.

Watch the films on The Royal Exchange website, theroyalexchange.co.uk