Peter Howarth for Walpole: a tale of two shoemakers

In the second of his new series on leadership during the Covid-19 crisis for Walpole, SHOW CEO Peter Howarth looks at the challenges faced by manufacturers in dealing with lockdown, and its consequences for trade, by talking to two shoemakers.

One, Ludwig Reiter, is in Vienna, and the other, Edward Green, in Northampton. Both are family businesses founded in the 1890s and employ a similar number of people. Both are facing the issue of how to get back to work responsibly. Along the way, Peter also gets a lesson in the economics of supply and demand, and work/life balance.

You can read Peter’s article here.

Founded in 1992, Walpole is a not-for-profit organisation. It counts more than 250 British brands in its membership, and is recognised in both Westminster and Brussels. As the voice of British luxury, Walpole’s purpose is to promote, protect and develop a sector worth £48 billion to the economy, which is arguably the jewel in the crown of UK business.

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Pictured above, from left: Till Reiter of Ludwig Reiter; Euan Denholm of Edward Green