Hurlingham Magazine Autumn 2018

This month sees the release of Hurlingham polo magazine’s autumn/winter edition, produced by Show Media in collaboration with its publisher, polo veteran Roderick Vere Nicoll. The biannual publication covers polo news and events from around the world, including interviews with top players, opinion articles from leading figures involved in the sport, and match reports from the preceding season.

This issue includes features about the increasing accessibility of entry-level polo in the UK, the sartorial influence of polo player Boy Capel on the fashion designer Coco Chanel and an interview with businessman and polo patron Édouard Carmignac about his art collection, which recently became open to the public at a permanent exhibition space on the French island of Porquerolles. The Action section celebrates an exhilarating British season played this summer with Charlie Hanbury, the rising star of British polo, championed on the cover, while the Talk and Opinion sections provide commentary on the changing status of polo in the US, with articles by the chairman of the US Polo Association, Chip Campbell, and polo journalists Alex Webbe, Carolina Beresford and Darlene Ricker.

For polo aficionados, Hurlingham magazine is an essential companion to the sport, covering the most current topics and offering insider insights on the game, as it is played worldwide.