Farewell Yellow Brick Road

SHOW is proud to present Farewell Yellow Brick Road, a limited-edition 50-page programme celebrating the prestigious career and achievements of Elton John.

To mark the occasion of his final world touralso named Farewell Yellow Brick Road – SHOW was commissioned to create the exclusive commemorative programme, which comes in both a deluxe collectors’ edition and classic edition.

Presented in a beautiful, iridescent slipcase, the book contains iconic images of Elton throughout his more-than-50-year career, behind-the-scenes interviews and a series of bespoke illustrations by Ian Beck – the man who created the legendary Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album cover.

The tour – which will run until 2021, spanning five continents with more than 300 shows – is currently in the UK for a weeklong leg, which kicked off on Sunday in Hove, East Sussex.